Residency Presentation Kaliane Meret

Thursday 15 December 2022, from 18h00 until 21h00.

jardin de kep

LE JARDIN DE KEP - Restitution of a 1 month research residency at REZ GAUCHE by Kaliane Meret.

"In the heart of this garden stands the emblematic flower of the country and its champagne color, a queen of the night that embalms us with its paradisiacal perfume. In front of the villa the champa flower bewitches us like dancing apsaras in the morning dew. The roses of all their brightness stand around a tortuous alley lined with flowers of fuchsia tone.

The Garden of Kep invites us to take a walk, to immerse ourselves in its scents, to soak up its colors and to lose ourselves in the memories of children's games. The time of a dream the barriers of Pampas grass become hiding places, the guava trees are climbed and the knees are irritated. The time of a race, passing by the fresh water of the well on the way back from the beach, in front of the fruit garden a majestic staircase is crossed by way of arrival.

An intimate transmission takes place here, the representation of a memory that a mother has revealed to her daughter. Kaliane Meret reveals to us in her few illustrations the KAUN KAT and delivers between family and cultural heritage childish scenes and depicts a landscape of a magnified Cambodia.