• Atelier and Gallery

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    Our multi-purpose gallery/atelier is open for performance art, dance, artistic research, visual art, theatre, design, music production, audiovisual production and other forms of presenting and gathering around artistic practice.

    Our purpose

    Innovating, developing and practising inclusive structures that balance responsibility, resources and stakeholdership, with participation and decentralised forms of organisation.

    We adhere to the 7 cooperative principles. We collectively fund our activities. We are for benefit and help to make global common sense.

    For artworkers we ascribe to art sector standarts.

    We are experimenting with becoming a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation.

    We research and develop distributed ledger technologies to empower artistic practices which are non-commercial and non-institutional.

  • Our tarifs

    Our atelier/gallery can be made available for your non-commercial activities and artistic practices. The amounts to provide for our rental and utility costs are:

    • 36 euro / day
    • 180 euro / week (5 days)
    • 720 euro / month (20 days)

    If you plan to organise activities with public access, please contact us to discuss the practicalities. We expect you to be insured for your activity and consider you the main responsible during the time that you are at our workspace. This includes taking care of and being responsible for the persons, equipment and any other feature regarding the space and your activity. Our tarifs reflect our working costs, any additional costs will be discussed and added if necessary. The space needs to be returned clean and available for other activities in our shedule, therefore we'll only reserve your activity if it aligns with our purpose and can be combined with or followed by other artistic practices.

  • Milestones

    Starting phase - provide for our location, employment, materials and activities - annual costs: 8646 €.

    Development phase - artistic employments for approximately 20 to 23 artists in our residency program - annual costs: 74 882 €.

  • Vision

    During startup, we are gathering participants for our workspace and activities:

    • Artistic research.
    • Art events.
    • Residency wildcards.
    • Experiencing, learning.

    When necessary resources become available, we enter into development and establish a foundation:

    • Reversing disparity - wealth redistribution through digital currency design.
    • Regenerative resource practices - implementing practices which are beneficial for both life and environment.
    • Interacting with international artists and researchers - developing transdisciplinary activities.
  • Mission

    Rezgauche is encouraging self-organisation & empowering autonomy through artistic practice.

  • Partners

    We'd like to thank Motiondao for initial support with developing the Residency Wildcards.

    Research and Development guidance through Token Engineering Commons.

    Contact us with your questions, to join our collective and/or develop a partnership with rezgauche.

  • Resourcing

    We dearly welcome your sponsoring, support and donations. Our fiscal host Open Collective Europe vzw can provide a tax deductible proof of support to our organisations' cause.