Residency Wildcards

Workspace residencies can be variable in duration and/or happen in a co-working form over longer periods. Artists can apply as individuals or as part of a collective, an organisation, etc.

Our selection criteria

  • A complete application form.
  • Desire for responsibility, taking care of the areas, thoughtful of neighbours, etc.
  • Inclusivity: how to make it possible for yourself and for others after your residency?
  • Time-space compatibility of our shedules.
  • The available resources.

What we can do

  • Have a talk to discuss the needs and details for your artistic work in our atelier/gallery, define the content and timeframe for your wildcard. Mint your residency wildcard.
  • Announcing and presenting your work through our website and social media.
  • Connecting with other members and maybe joining with organising our collective.
  • Documenting your residency project on our website.
  • Inviting you to inform other artists about rezgauche.


Our regular workspace rental & utility costs are 720 euro per month.

With a Residency Wildcard you pay what you want by donating to our opencollective.

Wildcards are not for commercial or institutionalised artists, we prefer self-organised artists.

Selection procedure

After you've applied through the application form below, we'll discuss and/or we'll vote on the proposal in our dao and notify you about the results by email.


Apply for a Residency Wildcard by completing and sending the following form.

When would you like to be at our atelier/gallery?

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