Residency - you can see me thinking

by Ziska


Ziska is a german artist, born in Dresden, she graduated with a diploma in fine arts specialised in sculpture at the University of arts Braunschweig. While making music and participating in different dance workshops she discovered her own performative approach. Through an internship at the Brussels artist collective t.r.a.n.s.i.t.s.c.a.p.e, she was inspired by their work and the diversity of performance art in Brussels and developed her own practice further. Currently she lives and works back in Germany in Leipzig.

Her work is characterised by a conscious break in perfection and the courage to combine provisional with unbreakable elements to counteract the fragility of emotions. Critically dealing with sexist clich├ęs and the social handling of emotionality, she uses sculptural and digital techniques to combine her performances with different materials such as textiles, metal or found objects. Thereby she is often using sounds of her and her equipment. Creating tools for her performances, she deals with images of femininity and the socialisation of women. She is working with expressions of lust and unwillingness in her dynamic installations. Therefore she discovers fetishes and rituals which deal with the sensitivity of our mind to process emotions. Out of this she develops her performative methods including her own biographic history.

In this residency I want to dig deeper into my performative practice that I developed in the last years. While experimenting with movements of focus and balance I want to research the synchronicity of body and mind.

She will collaborate with the musician Talie Piraza Kasimir to develop a joint performative approach, which will be presented at the end of the residency. The show also features a soloconcert of the musician adding her mindfull lyrics into the ambiance.

From the 14th december on there will be a soli-pop-up-tattoo-store as part of the residency and exhibition, lead by the tattoo-artist @kleinkantschil_. We created a special edition of Wanna-do's inspired by my drawings, which are exclusively available at the Gallery. Get some cute lil tatt's and support our work by taking our donation-recommendations into consideration. If you are interested please walk in or write @kleinkantschil_ to get a slot.

You are warmly invited to come and see the performance of the residency and soloconcert of Talie Piraza Kasimir at the vernissage on Friday 15 December from 20hOO.

On the 16th and 17th you can view the exhibition with excerpts from the performance and process of the residency.

opening hours

  • Fr.: 16 - 23h (open end)
  • Sa: 14-20h
  • Sunday: 14-18h