Reading Group

On October 7th 2021, Rez Gauche will host a reading group in a new hybrid online/in-person format.

a reading group is a self-sustained, collectively run and porous educational structure. The participants feed the group and the group feeds the participants.

Initially gathering online, a reading group formed of already familiar faces, new invitees and tangential relations has been meeting weekly since April 2020 for critical discourse against the backdrop of the unfolding global pandemic. With a flexible communal structural that supports the shifting attendance of individual participants, the active and intentional concern for the nuances of how to study together has remained a defining element of the group. As the year and the pandemic progressed, so too did the need to come together and engage in critically rigorous and precise shared study.

During the group's meetings the prepared texts and literature are discussed alongside conversation about the lives, feelings and structural conditions of the participants as we feel our way through a present humming with urgencies. Viewed in retrospect, the group's reading list represents the wake of our shared desires, interests and commitments, influenced by the shifting political tides in and of the own lives of those present.

As a permeable collective body, a reading group believes in openness and shared sense of responsibility. In times of a global pandemic, it has not only become relevant to sustain critical structures in other ways and intensities, it is even more pertinent to—within the given situations—find moments for collective exchange, acts of care, pleasure and a sense of proximity and kinship.

reading group

a reading group proposes to read 1 text (maximum 30 pages) meeting Thursday at 8 pm.

On October 7th we will be discussing "PARANOID READING AND REPARATIVE READING,. OR, YOU'RE SO PARANOID, YOU PROBABLY THINK. THIS ESSAY IS ABOUT YOU." by Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick. A link is provided below where you can download the reading. We hope to see you there!

paranoid reading and reparative reading