Kundalini Tantra Yoga


Embrace Wholeness Through Kundalini Tantra Yoga

In the cosmic dance of Kundalini Tantra Yoga, discover the profound journey that leads you to rediscover the essence of wholeness. This transformative practice unveils a sacred space where fragmented pieces find unity, and you embrace a sense of completeness without the struggle of fitting broken fragments together.

Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini Tantra Yoga, with its focus on awakening the dormant Kundalini energy, becomes a gateway to profound transformation. As the serpent power rises through the chakras, it weaves a tapestry of spiritual awakening, inviting the fragmented aspects of self to unite in the dance of cosmic energy.

Breath as the Cosmic Weaver

In Kundalini Tantra Yoga, the breath becomes the cosmic weaver, connecting the fragmented threads of existence. The rhythmic prana, like a harmonious melody, brings unity to the mind, body, and spirit. In the dance of breath, you find the sacred space where fragmented elements merge into wholeness.

Integration of Energies

The chakras, like vibrant portals of energy, symbolize the integration of cosmic forces within. Kundalini Tantra Yoga guides you through the journey of aligning these energies, allowing the fragmented self to harmonize with the universal life force. Each chakra contributes to the symphony of wholeness.

Mindful Transformation

The practice of Kundalini Tantra Yoga is a mindful journey, where you meet the fragmented aspects of your being with awareness and acceptance. It transcends the need to forcefully fit broken pieces, offering a transformative space where the self evolves into a higher state of consciousness.

Embracing Imperfection

Kundalini Tantra Yoga teaches the beauty of imperfection. Instead of trying to mend the broken, it invites you to embrace the fragments as unique expressions of the divine. In this acceptance, the journey toward wholeness unfolds organically, and you become a participant in the cosmic dance.

Rediscovering Cosmic Self

Beyond the limitations of the ego, Kundalini Tantra Yoga leads you to rediscover your cosmic self. The fragmented identities dissolve, and you become a channel for the cosmic energy to flow through. In this rediscovery, the sense of wholeness becomes an intrinsic part of your existence.

To learn more about Kundalini Tantra Yoga, watch this interview with Sri Vijay Anand.


These yoga sessions are guided by yoga student Stef Meul and are happening in the context of a RYS200 kundalini tantra yoga teacher training at the Shivoham Institute.

Please register for our one hour yoga sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10h00 am.

Maximum 3 participants per session. Our atelier space is accessible from 9h45 am.

Address: Rezgauche, Theodore Verhaegenstraat 154, Brussel.

These yoga sessions are donation based, so you can pay what you want by supporting rezgauche on opencollective.