artist in residency

residency Wildcards

We are teaming up with MotionDao to make it possible for you to participate in our residency program and become part of a global art and web3 network.

How it works

residency wildcards

To receive a wildcard you have been invited by rezgauche directly or through a reference person that received our invitation and shared it with you.

We have an orientation session with you to

discuss the needs and details for your artistic work in our atelier/gallery

  • define the content and timeframe for your wildcard.

We mint your residency wildcard in our mintbase store.

We have an onboarding session with you to

  • make your near wallet

  • add you to our mintbase store

  • create a profile on

  • join the motiondao group

During your residency we provide support for

  • announcing and presenting your work through our website and social media

  • provide information, knowhow and support with learning about web3

  • connect with other members of motiondao and rezgauche

  • invite you to join our rez-gauche dao

After your residency

  • we document your project on the website

  • continue participation through our dao and mintbase

  • invite you to share your invitation with other artists


The regular working costs for our workspace residencies are 720 euro per month.

With a wildcard you pay what you can by joining

Wildcards are not for commercial or institutionalised artists, we prefer self-organised artists.

A.I.R. Application

Send your application by email to

  • name

  • description

  • economic situation

  • planning

application procedure

The selection happens by the participants of REZGAUCHE.

Our selection criteria are:

  1. complete application

  2. inclusivity: how to make it possible?

  3. time-space compatibility

  4. available resources

  5. desire for responsibility

We then vote on the proposal in our DAO and notify you about the results by email.