With MotionDao we make it possible for you to participate in our workspace residency program and join a global web3 network
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With Near micro grants by Motiondao, our wildcard residency program supports research at our atelier workspace by:

  • Mindora Duchamp and guest Anna Doyle, March 2022
  • Alice Van Der Wielen Honinckx and Stav Yeini, May 2022
  • Lily Brieu and Qingqing, May 2022
  • Delphine Mertens and Lisa Coppi, May and June 2022
  • Mariana Carranza, September 2022
  • Castelie Yalombo, October 2022
  • Kaliane Meret, November, December 2022
  • Sarah Alves and Stefania Assandri, January 2023

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