Left of binaries

Left of binaries

call for participants


- Interviews with contemporary dancers, dance makers and contemporary artists.

- video portraits with contemporary dancers.

- contemporary dance in the white-box.

- interpretation of Jacques Lacan's seminars, among others, by contemporary dance makers.


Following is the description of the element with regard to dance and performance:


contemporary dance in the white-box

Contemporary dance speaks a language that is open to interpretation. This translates on different levels: on the one hand there is the dancer who brings about an interpretation through body movement, on the other hand there is the spectator who assigns meaning to what is experienced - likewise there is the dancer who can translate the spectator's experience into dance. This creates a loop between dancer and spectator, allowing for a connection beyond words and a compassion that is shaped by dance.

Since this is not a social dance performance, rather an experience of a performance that takes place in an exhibition space rather than the usual theater, there is a space for reflection, the fourth wall - bounded in this space by the gallery window. The communication between the dancer and the spectator is thereby limited to a visual relationship, which can evoke certain desires, and emphasizes the reality of the experience between dancer and spectator. If the dancer is reduced to an object by the spectator, how is the dance experienced by both? The hope here is not so much that we can counter this phenomenon through sensitization, but rather how dancers can experience their art according to the situation, and how the emancipation of a dancer can be expressed and unfolded.

Regardless of differences in sexual orientation, wherever one is born and raised, or what social role one propagates, contemporary dance and performance art remain a timeless medium for expressing and sharing the inner freedom and knowledge of the body with fellow human beings.

The performance plays out in chapters and interludes. The main site is the white-box presentation space of the rezgauche.be gallery in Saint-Gilles. This venue is publicly accessible by appointment and visible from the public space. 

The interludes can take place ex-situ and can be part of the course of the performance through video projections. 


This performance unfolds during the first half of 2023, with a bi-weekly development of the plot and comes to completion in the fall of 2023, with a retrospective exhibition highlighting the participants' experience, the interactivity with the audience during the process, the presentation of a video dance version and the participation of the visitors in the exhibition.


At the moment I'm waiting for a reply from a grant application to flemish commision and a local saint-gilles communal project call. If the grant is approved, there will be a small budget for the days of performance. If not I will apply again while continuing working on the research and apply to residency spaces to develop it with the artists interested in the research.


If you are interested to participate in this, send an email to mail@rezgauche.be

and please mention when you are available to have a talk about it.

Left of binaries is a research by stef meul.