encouraging self-organisation and empowering autonomy through artistic practice

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How to join rezgauche?

To join our organisation, you adhere to our purpose and fund our collective budget. We share our costs and benefits with participating artists and diminish administration. We work through likeminded services such as opencollective europe vzw and united productions vzw. In this sense we keep focus on our main objective, which is art.

To make collective decisions we work with a distributed ledger, an environmental friendly blockchain technology. Our decentralised autonomous organisation accepts proposals from participants and decides through voting. This is much alike cooperative organising with the benefits of participating in your own time instead of attending meetings.

support our fund

REZGAUCHE openly accounts for developing its: location and employment, materials and activities.

starting phase estimated annual location costs: 8646 €

development phase Artist In Residence projects, create employment for on average 22 artists per year: 74 882 €

We are welcoming donations, sponsoring and support through our fiscal host open collective europe vzw.