un-becoming welness

rez gauche presents this small solo show of sculptures and one video by Zachary Schoenhut with performances by Anastasia Mccammon and Francesca Hawker for the opening night.

This series of works examines the desire and need to fill an absence. Working with clothing charged with memories of abjection, Zachary created a series of sculptures by reformulating their negativity through a process of disintegration, reforming, and coating in the hopes to both change and honor the void of the well.

The video work, "I want to drool on you" looks into the impossibilities of intimacies and considers audio-visual work as a form of contagion, smearing the ears and eyes with the goo of another.

unbecoming welness

Opening Friday 10th of September from 5PM

Performances: 7 PM : 'a night on the allegro' by Francesca Hawker

8 PM: TBD by Anastasia McCammon

Exposition from 11th-24th September 2021. Visits on appointment