In this research atelier, we are working on the relationship between dance and drawing through improvisation. Drawing is very similar to dancing. It is about movement and shape, color and dynamic, intention and expression. It is like dancing on a piece of paper.

Transference* is a project that develops in different group ateliers with different people, working around the question, how to create together? What if an artistic practice is not something exclusive, not each to their own, but something (in) common.

I propose creativity as a social process. What does it mean to share an experience? How can we create one? And where can this take us? I will share my personal tools for creation, methods and tricks on how to generate material through a multidisciplinary practice and how to appropriate different media through things you already know. I offer the participants a space to meet people, to be creative (or also not), to tryout stuff, and to explore themselves in an environment built on trust, curiosity, and confidence - confidence through and in each other.

The research will be the starting point for an installation/a happening/a performance that will be developed through these weekly atelier moments and the result will be shown at least once next June (participation in this show moment is optional).

*working title



  • Starting from 27th of March until 29 of May (except not on 10 April and 15 May) on every Monday from 18h30 until 20h30.
  • Group size up to 8 people,
  • Participation for free/on donation to cover the cost of the space in rez gauche.
  • Address: Theodore Verhaegenstraat 154, Brussels.
  • Contact: Noah Geistlich.
  • +32484623192
  • noa

    image source: Mikael Champs, Beatriz Coelho, Dustin Eliot, Swane Küpper, Mei-Yun Lu, Samuel Trachsel, Camille Zany, Léo Johansson, herrnilsson, luisa_lena.