Stay where you are while you are (SWYAWYA)

About the Research:

Swyawya is an always open question about the connection between 'a me and the world' both from a philosophical and an everyday point of view. How often do we pay attention to where we are as, for example, we stand and walk down the street?

Our mind constantly makes associations, often fantastic ones, recognising familiar elements in new objects (and vice versa), at other times it abandons us, shuts down, fights, goes faster than us, comes back. When we are not where we are, where are we? How do we tell the void?

What, instead, shifts our thoughts and allows us to reconnect with what is in front of us?

What do we choose to name and touch? As Jean Luc Nancy says in his work Corpus, "Naming and touching are two interchangeable acts of love" and it is through these two intimate actions that we constantly re-establish our relationship with the world, create memory, weave stories and leave traces.

The work aims to investigate the birth and rebirth of this ever-new contact through various proposals that aim to transport the permanent action of writing into the impermanency of the dance and to understand dance as a form of writing, in turn creating a third language as a bridge between the two.

About the showing:

On this research stage Margherita is accompanied by dancer, author and friend Ellie Bishop. Together they navigate the boundary between dance and writing, creating fantasy worlds out of real objects and drawing maps in case they get lost along the way.

You are invited on Sunday 10 March at 6pm for an informal opening of the research process. As the space cannot accommodate too many people, write to us if you want to come!




Margherita Celestino is a dancer, a lover of writing and a student of philosophy at the University of Palermo.

Her main interest within her research is to bring together the language of dance and that of writing, with the idea of making writing dance and vice versa: when she writes, she is aware that writing is an action first and foremost of the body and that dance is also a way of writing space and time.

Her creations often arise from nucleic questions about how to be in the world with eyes less sleepy.

Her current research “Stay where you are while you are” is part of the projects choosed for “around a process of making” in the frame of Marosi Festival 2024 (Stromboli, Italy).

As a dance maker together with Francesca Melluso she created the duo "The Diary of the Apocalypse," which has performed at Conformazioni 2021 Festival, Franco Delivery Show and Dimore (Catania) festival.

Her eponymous column has appeared since 2021 in the feminist magazine Mezzocielo.it. She has collaborated with the Muxarte collective both as a dancer and as a writer of articles for the conformation festival blog. She has worked as an actress and dramaturg together with the Quelle Collective (CH).

Her dance training took place, among others, at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri (CH), Tanzfabrik in Berlin, Scenario Pubblico/Compagnia Zappalà danza and Da.re dance research in Rome, directed by Adriana Borriello together with Silvia Rampelli and Ada D'Adamo. She has attended numerous workshops in particular following the work of artists such as Francesco Scavetta, Raffaella Giordano, Daniele Ninarello, Agostina d'Alessandro, Frey Faust, Alessandro Carboni