Residency Haman Mpadire


Haman Mpadire is an artist, performance maker and dance teacher born in Eastern Uganda, originally from Busoga tribe. He graduated with a diploma in contemporary dance from École des Sables and Master's degree in Choreography from CCN - Paul Valery University. He is a danceWEB scholarship holder and Visa for creation laureate program of French institute Paris. His artistic practices involve the body as a medium that embodies entities that are not seen but their presence is felt in space. Furthermore, Haman explores animistic notions of ancient Busoga kingdom and beyond + complex relationships between identity, visibility and colonialism towards black African bodies. ''We are unapologetically stepping into the black future with ancestral joy''

Project was researching on last time---

Omukalegwe Y'watambu Meggyic éravjjaka (What does it mean to be)

  • - African
  • - Black
  • - Male
  • - Female
  • - Queer
  • - Artist
  • - Animistic

My fantasy appropriates through imagining multidimensional space where the impossible becomes possible, in this work Haman Mpadire prefers to be called the witch-scientist who desires and invented a time travel machine, reinvented histories + constructed Human Zoo thus branding an alternative narrative to return from intergenerational trauma. He simply invites the spectators to TOUCH - FEEL - OBSERVE, the situated site-specific objects, body in performance, writings and video installation.