Performance Evening 002

“Assuming negativity” is an experiment that aims to question the possibility of the subject/artist provoking a glimpse of their own negativity through a state of increasingly manipulated positivization and objectification. Inspired by Byung-Chul Hun's book “The Agony of Eros” and his criticism on the neo-liberal contemporary society where he argues beyond the Hegelian dialectic of Master and Slave he draws the contemporary subject as a unit that embodies both. He suggests that in opposition of the fetishized narcissistic expression the courage to accept self-negation for the sake of discovering the Other is to reclaim a definition of love that combines the artistic, the existential and the political. Attempting to experience what Hun's envisions as breaking the Inferno of the Same and the eternal display of the auto-exploited through transgression and transcendence as an embodied practice possibly suggests the invention as much as the destruction of ritual forms. Assuming negativity is made by Marivi Gazeta through a collaboration with Stef Meul.

assuming negativity

Performance on 12 November 2021, starts at 19h, free entrance.