making the music to dance

experimental sensual music and dance compositing


When I find myself facing a world build on repression and exploitation of intrinsic desires for love and freedom, I turn to art and explore my relation between selfconfidence and celebration of sexuality. Then I find myself alone, with music and dance to change my worldview with. And then I open to others that can relate with themselves through art. I think our world is changed through the artworks that inspire each other. I know I'm done with trying to fit your idea of myself. And I'm open to define personal boundaries within sensuality to make music and to create dance with each other. This experiment starts with making music that has rhythm without repetition and dance without improvisation.

info & inscription

From 10 July till 29 July and from 15 till 31 August

For professional performing artists

Contact Stef Meul by email or text message +32 488 367 723