Creating a Sustainable Economy for the Artists Eco System

by Motiondao


Research on tokenisation, decentralised autonomous organisation, decentralised finance, non-fungible tokens (art piece certification). Research and development of a public foundation and/or a cooperative. definition of what and what not. legal definition, gathering resources, startup and roadmap (2-5 year plan).


- Jeanne Bloch to connect to her research on how to monetise movement, use biometric data as a generator of value.

- Marlon Barrios Solano to build the dao, work with the Motion currency and connect to the & communities.

- Stef Meul to develop rez gauche.


My personal interest is in how a workspace, a place (splace) can be a space that allows persons access through responsibility. I noticed artwork is being digitised for tracking sales on a blockchain, art markets and virtual spaces are existing. My interest is rather to apply the use of Smart-contracts on Ethereum network to a physical space. To keep an open mind towards different ideologies, their respective dogma's and taboos, to experiment with creation of value, to think beyond neo-liberal paradigms, to explore and redefine the ethical spectrum of speculative practices.

To research and develop new business models that ARE DIFFERENT FROM

  • - curated spaces
  • - commercial spaces platformdesigntoolkit
  • - subsidised spaces that close when funding ends: frascati, etc
  • - squats, temporary occupations where artists are exploited for gentrification


Work with fellow artistic researchers that see their profession as an extension to the personal. Not that the work never ends and that there is no leisure time, but rather that the personal interests and meaningful activities find their expression in the workspace and practice. Develop a local network - rezgauche - of individuals, connect to existing networks (reshape, token engineering, etc) and formulate an investment window for firms and governments. Establish spaces - rezgauche - that adopt and adjust the business model to fit their particular needs and specificities - encourage solidarity between partners. To bring value in from financial sector towards practices that benefit the artistic sector. To reconsider forms of consumption and establish alternative forms of property regimes. Decoupling time versus value based production, engaging in durable and trans-generational forms of resource management. How automation, artificial intelligence, robotics, bio-engineering, etc. can be at the service of the human? What does the human need from technological progress, to provide for care and an abundant qualitative life? If there is no more work, what does art become to a human culture?


Read the complete proposal here: Creating a Sustainable Economy for the Artists Ecosystem