Dance and performance art video exhibition

this summer rezgauche presents video artwork by dance and performance artists


The video's are on display in ongoing loop at gallery window during each night in August. For those that would like to experience the artworks with their original soundtracks on Wednesday 17th, Thursday 18th and Friday 19th of August starting at 22h30 there is a small informal gathering in the gallery.


  • Flavia Mazzanti "Nexum"
  • Bob Vanden Broeck "The Clerk"
  • Nadège Sicard "Karaoke"
  • Pablo Alvez artinprocess "Coeteris Paribus"
  • Nasrine Kheltent "l'essence du bonheur", "METAPHORE"
  • Clara Trigo "Tudo é chão"
  • Bruno Moreno "CAMBOA"
  • Paola Madrid "Soft touch to death"
  • Giulia Piana "B.NEGATIVE", "Cosio d'azzuro", "Desiderio di una vita bucolica", "Waiting for the soldier", "The Pink Ball"
  • Nel Bonte "MISPEL"
  • Thomas Bradley "composers"

dance and performance art video exhibition


Rezgauche makes it possible to screen your artwork.

The video's are presented in a loop during evenings and nights in August 2022.

The exhibition is visible from outside the gallery.

For audiovisual screenings, a presentation moment, indoors can also happen.

Besides screening your work, we'd like to conduct an interview with the artist and publish on our site.

For next happenings, we're thinking about interconnecting the participants, so new relationalities can make other artworks appear.

To participate send your video's (through wetransfer/fromsmash/massive/dropsend/...) to

or contact us for more info and you can also join a next edition if you happen to be into summer holidays.